Prom Facts


Wilsons Promontory National Park is located at the southern most point of mainland Australia, approximately two and a half hours drive from Melbourne.
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The Park

Wilsons Promontory is approximately 50,460ha of national park and 15,500ha of marine national park. There are also local areas of marine park and marine reserve.
Located at the Tidal River settlement there are over 450 camp sites, also roofed accommodation for more than 200 people in a variety of accommodation types – lodges, units, motor huts, cabins and the new eco huts.
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Prom History

The Prom was discovered by Europeans when George Bass and Matthew Flinders sailed by in January 1798. The first section of the Wilsons Promontory to be declared a National Park by the Government of the day was south of Darby River in 1905.
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Who is Wilson?

It is thought ‘Wilson’ was Thomas Wilson, a London friend of Matthew Flinders, one of the early explorers of the area.
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What is a promontory?

A promontory is a geological term for a headland, or high bit of land jutting out to sea.
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Are all the animals native?

No! Non native animals can also be found in the park including dogs, cats, rabbits and hog deer to name a few.
In 1910 some kangaroos and emus were also introduced to the Park under an acclimatization program of the day.
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